Shahla Salah Khan


<p>Shahla Salah,&nbsp; Country Representative of YPARD Pakistan,&nbsp; also working as agriculture consultant while running her own agriculture research program for farmers supporting and to understand the market strategy in terms of trade to make the right decision.&nbsp; I would like to learn more by involving myself in many innovative programs and by doing field surveys. Interactions with market experts is also a source to enhance the knowledge.&nbsp; While my goals are to encourage youth especially young women to participate in growth programs,&nbsp; whilst the most important mission is to work for education of children in the country and make a easiest way for girls to accomplish their education without facing any hindrance.&nbsp; However being a social worker my ambitions are to facilitate the regions where malnutrition is grabbing many people especially children from the age of 1-5 are fighting for their lives, its heart breaking situation in my country and I am considerably focused to work on food and nutrition programs to overcome the challenges in malnutrition regions. Hope my all plans and goals may have accomplished successfully&nbsp; am seeking to get the collaboration of other organisations and funding sources.&nbsp;</p>

School: PAF Karachi Institute of Economic and Technology

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