Taruna Kapoor

Co-teacher: Ms Java


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School: Ramagya School Dadri 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 11 Year

Projects 2020

Ramagya Plastic Brigade “ Say No To Plastics”

Students made paper and old vest and T-shirt bags . They gifted these bags to the Community and created a Community awareness by a march



Demon Plastic Ravana was banned

In India there is a festival Dussehra . This day is celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

 A mythological story where Lord Rama defeated Ravana and this was celebrated as Dussehra 

Ramagya School Dadri celebrated it with a twist . The students had this in mind that they had to stop p,attic pollution ,

so they made an effigy of Ravana with old plastic bottles and solid No to Plastics


Recycling waste plastic in making roads

There was a headline in the newspaper Noida uses plastic to construct roads



Say No To Plastic
Monster Plastic Say No