Sadath Mwamsema


*I am a public-school teacher at Town primary school in Tabora Tanzania, Founder and Executive Secretary of Community Development Watch (CODEWA) in Tanzania, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children find their path to dream of a better future through mentorship, education and health support. Through CODEWA we have reached more many orphans and vulnerable children in support of education and learning materials where we provide all necessary school materials in the community of Tabora Region. Also to make sure that orphans and vulnerable children are not left alone if they fall sick we are providing Health insurance cards through CODEWA to orphans and vulnerable kids every year. To help those kids to keep dreaming CODEWA implement two types of mentorship In school inspiration and motivation seminars where we have reached more than 5000 students from the low standard families. And at CODEWA we conduct Weekly inspiration seminars with the of objective of encouraging them to dream big and deconstruct stereotypes. Spending ΒΌ of my monthly salary to support orphans at various orphanages and elders and the elderly centers where I spend most of my time with them to understand more about them and find the most appropriate solutions for them through mobilizing other supporters from the community. I am also a President of We make change Tanzania where we mobilized more than 1000 changemakers in various regions of Tanzania who are all working towards achieving SDGs in Tanzania. I am also a Field Manager of Seeds for Kids Project, a UK-based social entrepreneurship project targeting to fight malnutrition in Tanzania by using Moringa tree products. The project is on the pilot phase where it expect to benefit more than 500 children with malnutrition in his community and save the environment. I am teaching SDGs to young generation in my community where I believes in working together towards raising a generation which is empowered and support long-term sustainable development."

School: TownSchool Primary School

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