Romeo Irinel Bolohan


“Bolohan Romeo is a permanent professor of Technological education at Technological High school “Mihai Eminescu” Dumbrăveni, Suceava County, Romania, with a 15 years history in teaching and a voluntary activity with and for children about 10 years old.

From birth till 26 years he lived in the institutions of child’s protection from Suceava County ( ), and the hard experience that he lived, training courses and volunteer activities brought him many achievements in his professional life.

So, as a teacher and member in organizations „Save the Children”, PROTIN, ANCIFAR and EUROACTIV Suceava he periodically conducted support actions of childrenfrom institutions from Suceava County and he initiated the series of high school and faculty graduates, being the first young person from Suceava institutions and a pioneer regarding the faculty’s graduates. The fact that he also graduated the Faculty of Special Psycho pedagogy and Social Assistance proves his interest regarding the children with special educational needs, with no discrimination.

“My efforts for supporting disadvantaged pupils are an example of innovation and change in educational field.”

In 2003, he attended the Parliament Palace, as the founder of National Association of Institutionalized Children and of those who were assisted from Romania (ANCIFAR-Romania) as unique representative of young people and children from Suceava County. Through the meetings, some proposals of laws were initiated and there were developed programs to promote the rights to education and social protection for disadvantaged children from Romania, especially for children with special needs and young people from the Foster Care Centers or orphanages.

Later, he founded PROTIN and EUROACTIV Associations Suceava – associations for helping children and talented young people from the system of protecting the child in difficulty, for integration of children from Foster Care Centers from County in the educational system and continuing their education in schools.

In 2002, he elaborated and coordinated a project of school dropout prevention, „Let’s learn together”, funded by Margareta Princess of Romania Foundation that took place in 2 schools and 2 Foster Care Centers from Suceava County project that had an approximate number of 60 beneficiaries.

Besides these, he founded several clubs inside school: in 2010, he founded„Origami”Club ( ) with the aim to develop pupils’ skills and practical and aesthetic senses. Through this club, he initiated the project “Education and Counseling through the Art Example” for a number of 50 children, some of them being from the category in difficulty.  Following these activities, the group of pupils from the club has won several awards: at National Contest “Origami – Mirage of paper” they obtained First Place, at National Contest “A different Science & Technique” First and Second Places. Another purpose of the club was to raise funds for organizing some trips for all the 50 members, during the holidays.

School: Mihai Eminescu Dumbraveni Technological High School, Dumbraveni, Suceava

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