Rola Tibshraini


My name is Rola Tibshirani and I am a French Immersion Intermediate teacher at the Ottawa Catholic School Board. I am passionate about students’ taking ownership of their learning by creating and applying Integrative Thinking and Designing Thinking processes to embrace challenges. I connect my students with projects from around the world and foster students collaborative inquiry through Global Partnership.

School: All Saints HIgh School

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Projects 2019

Les causes du changment climatique

The Grade 7 students at All Saints determined the causes that we contribute to climate change. 

Les effets du changement climatique

The students co-constructed and built knowledge by determining the factors of climate change, the effects through causal models.

Nos actions dans notre communauté de l'école

The students decided to take action after monitoring that the cafeteria needs to improve in serving students with plastic and noncompostable containers.  Emails have been sent requesting the information about the cafeteria management. a group has a plan to design large attached bins wit the woodshop for the cafeteria. The action taking process is still being persevered and more follow up in a couple of weeks. 

Les solutions

Les actions

Youtube videos links to the actions the students took. 

Video links :