Rita Zurrapa

Rita Zurrapa
This is us!

I am an English teacher. I have been teaching since 1992. I have taught from Preschool up to Secondary. Right now I teach in one of the biggest schools in Sintra, 8th Graders (12-13 years old).

I think being a Language teacher is wonderful. We do have a curriculum but I feel that everything fits in it. It is just the way you look at it. I could live without books in my class (but not in my life, but that is another topic).

For me the most important thing is getting those kids to speak. Without fear of making mistakes. Make them realize and believe that they have to make mistakes to learn. That's my and their biggest challenge. I usually say that I was never just a teacher. I always felt that going to school, have classes and go home was not enough to me. I am always involve in the life of the school and promote many things with my students outside the classes. (That's when we get to know them better, don't you agree?) I have experience as a headteacher, as a in-service teacher trainer, as a teacher trainer, as a Comenius teacher, as project manager,... I am an eTwinner since 2006. I belonged to the National Support Service for 9 years and was the eTwinning National Coordinator of Portugal for the past 6 years. It has been a great adventure! I met the best teachers. Teachers that teach students and not curriculum. Teachers that matter in their students' lives.

I am a mother of two girls. I am a super geek. (It takes one to find another ;) ) I am a gymnast (have been all my life). And much more...


The Class 8.º C

24 students. 

Ages between 12 and 15. 


Our work

The students worked always in groups of 4. Their work was done during the classes of English, Sciences, Citizenship and ICT. 


Week 1 

We did group work to build the video.

This is our Padlet where we are collecting news that show Climate Change. We are concerned... https://padlet.com/zurrapinha/climateAction If you want you can also add any news you find.


Week 2

We skimmed some news about climate change in Sintra and Portugal. We learnt about the effects that are occuring.

This work was done individually and as  a group.  We all read the news, took the most important information, shared it with the class and then each group did a video. At the end the class chose the video to represent them. 


Week 3

We read texts and made our list of solutions. We added some ideas on an Answergarden.

All groups had to present a list of 10 solutions.  We all made our movies and chose one to represent us.

These are some other videos we did:

Video 1

Video 2


School: Escola Básica Ferreira de Castro - Ouressa Sintra

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Teresa Relvas, Luísa Rodrigues


Skimming the news about the effects
Solutions - A Word Cloud