Pradeep Negi
Govt Inter College BHEL Hardwar INDIA

Being Physical Handicapped teacher, traditional teaching process was some time difficult for me. The use of Black Board and standing for a long time cause me some problem. But ICT give me powerful tools to implement my plan for teaching. It changes my teaching method very effective and powerful. I frequently use Internet and online web resources. I provides my valuable support by participating in national programs as well as actively participating in social work. I have introduced a big missile to other people by using innovative technology, ICT, in the field of education. I used the new technology ICT to make economics and social subjects interesting. For the excellent use of ICT in education, in the year 2014, I was given a National Award of ICT, by the President of India in New Delhi. At present, I was trying to create e-content for school teachers and students so that learning can become interesting and easily access on remote area. As a key resource (Expert of ICT) person of my state I trained more than 1200 teachers of our state. By use of technology the teacher has worked for developing project based learning going beyond the curriculum. He believes that innovative teaching help students to learn effectively and make them self-earing. I have been using ICT innovatively in teaching Economics and Social Science for class 8th to 12th level. I encouraged students to work on various socially relevant projects and thereby sensitizing them towards social issues. The students were encouraged to explore and gather data on social issues and used them effectively. I used interactive multimedia materials & TLM, web resources, developed blogs, websites and Multimedia presentations, using mobile tech for education. I organized education tour, field trip, activity base learning, workshop and seminar to make the learning interesting and interactive. By using ICT tools imitatively & effectively his students launched various campaigns to generate awareness among people on various social issues like save electricity, save wild life, awareness on voting, save environment etc. I also helped the e-governance initiative by developing software tools, training ICT program to teachers and data analysis.


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