Pooja Malik

Co-teacher: Homeroom Teacher Grade 5
I'm a PYP Homeroom Teacher of  Grade 5 teaching in Genesis Global School for the last 6 years. 

School: Genesis Global School 4 students are involved The average age of the students: 10 -11 years Year

Projects 2020

Climate Action Project 2020-21

The students inquired about climate change and its causes. They created their own definitions referring to the definitions given by NASA and UN. They found out the human activities which are responsible for climate change. They took actions by planting trees and one of them taking a pledge that she will not burst crackers during Diwali Festival.

Effects of Climate Change

Students inquired about the effects of climate change on plants, animals, climate,weather, oceans and humans.

Effects of climate change locally and globally

Students inquired about the local and global effects of climate change. They collaborated with the Grade 5 students of Aga Khan Academy,Hyderabad and had an interactive session. They created a padlet and each one of them reflected on the actions taken.

Week 4- Solutions for climate change

Students gathered information for solutions and actions which an individual and the community,government can take . They reflected on their learning by doing different climate change based activities like the ecological handprint, ranking the causes from the greatest to the least and how they can be an energy saver. 

Webinar with speakers from NASA, WWF, UN

Students attended the WWF expert webinar and reflected their understanding on Polar regions, oceans, forests,money and the climate.


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