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Teaching Gr 12 World Issues at Nepean High School, in Ottawa Ontario.  Our school built in the 1920's, is a neighbourhood school to approx 1,100 students in an urban part of the city.  In the past I have had classes participate in the Canadian Geographic's "Classroom Energy Diet", the Learning Foundation's "Global Solutions" project, and I am learning and discovering new ways to introduce the SDG's into the classroom.   This project seemed like a great fit for a new way to challenge my students to become more globally aware, and to engage in a student focused inquiry based learning experience.

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School: Nepean High School

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Projects 2019

Nepean High School CGW4U

Students have been thinking about climate change this past month.  They have taken action by drawing messages on the sidewalks outside our school and many took part in the Climate March that happened in Ottawa, on Sept. 27th.

For this Climate Action Project, we started by taking a look at the question of what peoples beliefs are around climate change.   Considering the views of both sides of the climate change "debate" - students lined up and had paired conversations using the statements that they have heard from those who believe in climate change, and those that refute it.  By doing this, we were able to then discuss the things people say that run counter to the knowledge that climate change is real.