Mrunal Ganjale

Mrunal Ganjale
Mrunal Ganjale from Pune Maharashtra India

We all of know that it is difficult to keep student focused on topic for more than 7 minutes as per ll dstudies during the class. So it's best to add some spice to learning process to keep student engaged during class. When fun is added to learning results are always best as it is a interesting fir student .we use Microsoft tool's in our classrooms. My Microsoft journey started. With virtual field trip. On social media, I used to read Microsoft-related information, and I always felt that I should take part in it and my children would get this kind of education. Then decide whether to take virtual field visit to school. But the main problem was that of the network, because my school was in very hilly and tribal areas, so even getting a call is difficult to call. Hopefully the skype call is impossible but we have to do it. And I started the effort to find the network we went out of school. From Trip host, we received information about skype lite. Then the day on which we had trips, we succeeded the trip using skype lite sitting in the comfort of nature outside the school. Like beyond the classroom Trip was walking with dinosaur students wondering if that really happened in our school dinosaur. A lot of joy on the faces of the children was an inspiration to inspire confidence. The children who used to take 5 kms for drinking water every day and never had a lite for the study. They had a small effort to get education better. Because it is our responsibility to provide quality education in accordance with sustainable development goals and Microsoft have made it possible. Parents had participated in this. Everyone was feeling that something different today is happening. Children can connect their knowledge to correlate with the outside world. And this experience became so inspirational for us that me and my students never stopped. The parent was then attached to the student teacher and the community school. Then we connect many skype lesson, virtual field trip, mystery skype. For the first time, children were afraid to talk to others, but today they talk all over the world with confidence. This initiative has increased the communication skills of the child. The question skills have increased knowledge of how to use geography,and the main improve English speaking skill . I think language is not a barrier. and today I am very satisfied that my students have changed so much since Microsoft, we use different tools from Microsoft, such as kahoot, paint 3d skype in the classroom ,hour of code  And the kids benefited a great deal of it. Microsoft educators have also progressed along with the progress of the students. I became the MIE Then I got Microsoft innovative educator expert 2018-19. On the microsoft's side 100% of the course I've completed. After this my first Skype lesson I publish on Microsoft platform. And through that lesson I teach finger puppetry to other children in the world. Right now, I have taught this lesson to 40 schools. After publishing Story Collabarat on Microsoft's Platform, children show stories to other students in the classroom. My students also play mystery skype . To date, we have visited 19 countries and have done 140 skype sessions. This year I got an opportunity to participate in Edu days .And a lot of knowledge have been received by me and my children only because of Microsoft thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity........... Now we can say that the whole world is my classroom Students can gain the skills they will need to be successful in the future. Morden Learning is about collaborating with others, solving complex problems, critical thinking, developing different forms of communication and leadership skills, and improving and productivity

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Projects 2019

Go Green

In our world Human have a very intelligent brain all the animals human's are very intelligent because of they use their brain....... but now a days Humans destroy our planet and our green Energy........ example - cut the trees , global warming, waste water , air pollution, water pollution, all types of pollution....................i am a teacher and i believe that i am a Changemaker because of i have power of my student .......... in the school days i tell then all the good point of our life and our planet so they know what is right and wrong ........ they know their duty, responsibility to protect our planet

Teaching About the Natural World

The lessons that nature has to teach us are never ending. Being immersed in the natural flow of plant and animal life cycles, weather patterns, seasons, and the intricate dance connecting everything helps us find our own balance in the flow of life.

It’s not surprising that children who play outside are healthier mentally, emotionally, and physically. Human beings have spent nearly the entirety of our existence outside. Our connection to the natural world is so profound that when we are deprived of it, it’s no surprise that we don’t fare well. More and more adults are recognizing the importance of outdoor play for children, and the value of unstructured nature-based explorations. In addition to this shift to include nature-based activity or “green exercise,” teachers and parents, environmentalists, and policy-makers have begun to realize that outdoor play and nature-based learning leads children toward a sense of environmental stewardship. 

Simply put, connecting with nature means appreciating nature and wanting to take care of it.

Getting children back to nature is easy, fun, and beneficial in every way. And it seems
the simpler the outdoor play, the better. Letting children loose with nothing more than a stick and a pile of dirt is about the nicest thing we can do for them.

Your Teaching Community
I am a primary teacher. My school is in very rural areas. In my areas many people do farming . So it's green zone. But now a days the climatic change because of global warming so the people can't get enough money. So they move to the city life and in the city life we know our lifestyle ..... We get so many things from nature but we can't get back to the nature nature gives us oxygen and we gives us to nature carbon dioxide but we cut the trees so that the water level is low and we can't do it anything so my aim is student know the reason behind the climate change students know what is the main reason too less water and this is the age that they know what is wrong and what is right so when they and when they will grow up that time the tendency is change ....


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