Moses Sehoole

South Africa
North West Province

MY TEACHING APPROACH I was selected and recognized as Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. Since 2015 to date I used different methods to deliver and present all my first and second term lessons using sway. Office Sway is a presentation program that allows me to combine text and media to create a presentable and captivating presentation. It is very much user friendly because I normally upload videos, paste images and paste recorded YouTube. Each sway I create has a link and one can share it through different social media. Reality Pedagogy is an approach to teaching and learning that focuses on teachers gaining an understanding of student realities, and then using this information as the starting point for instruction. It begins with the fundamental premise that students are the experts on how to teach, and students are the experts on content Project-based learning is an approach to teaching that focuses primarily on having learners engage in explorations of real-world problems and challenges. Through these explorations, they develop their content knowledge, but also develop solutions to problems. This approach to teaching functions to engage learners that may be disinterested in traditional content because it allows them to identify problems in their community or the world at large that they want to solve. In this process, the teacher looks for ways to connect the subject to the project. In turn, students look to the teacher for content knowledge, so they can complete their project. My subject knowledge assist learners to identify and understand cause -effect relationships. This lead to personal development of learners and engage in community services and beyond. Making connections through skype and virtual trips improved learner’s confidence, critical thinking, problem solving and subject knowledge. The results empowered learners to be world citizen who wil lead us to the future.

School: Mankuroane Technical Secondary School

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