Merve Koyuncuoğlu Yılmaz

I want to work with different countries teachers and students to learn new solutions about the climate change.I am an English teacher in a  secondary school in Turkey,İstanbul and I'm involved in etwinning projects.


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School: İstanbul Ataşehir Okan Koleji 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 13 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Action Project 2020,Turkey,Istanbul Ataşehir Okan College

Let's take action and do something all together for climate change.

Turkey,İstanbul Ataşehir Okan College English Teacher Merve Koyuncuoğlu Yılmaz

Climate Action Project Week 2 2020,Turkey,Istanbul Ataşehir Okan College

Climate Action Project Week 3 2020,Turkey,Istanbul Ataşehir Okan College

Turkey and Brazil had zoom meeting.Students talked about climate change,effects, solutions.

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Images by Merve Koyuncuoğlu Yılmaz 2020-10-12Koyuncuoğlu Yılmaz
Images by Merve Koyuncuoğlu Yılmaz 2020-10-11Koyuncuoğlu Yılmaz
Images by Merve Koyuncuoğlu Yılmaz 2020-10-15Koyuncuoğlu Yılmaz