Dejan Kreculj


DEJAN M. KRECULJ, professor of physics and computer techniques (Pančevo, 16 July 1959) Teacher Techniques and technologies and Computer Engineering, pedagogical advisor, at the "Jovan Jovanovič Zmaj" in Kovin (since 1981). Education: Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, professor of physics and techniques. Author of hundreds of contributions to "Prosvetni pregled" (1992), "Misao" (from 2003), "Inovacije u nastavi" (2005) and many others. Reviewer: Open Society for Idea Exchange "Odrazi", Zagreb (four manuals); IK "BIGZ" (textbook Informatics and Computing, 2017), IK "Klett" (textbook Techniques and technology and physics for class VI, 2018) and IK "Novi Logos (textbook and workbook in Physics for Class VI, 2019) . Literary creation: Pčelica Milica, a fable for children, 2005; Zlo proleće, Bor, 2013; Susreti sredom, Alma, Belgrade, 2016. Filmmaking: Shorts - Vek u minutu, (2014); Kovin omedjen vekovima (2014); Čika Isina škola, (2015); Suša, UNEP - "Eye On Eatrh", Abu Dhabi (2015); Neven nikad ne vene, (2016); Patrijarh Prokopije, (2018); Naturae sumus pars, Moscow (2017), Otpornost materijala, Moscow (2018), Fractals, Moscow (2018). Examples of good practice: Papers case, Society of Teachers Kovin - seven works (2007, 2008, 2009); "Digitalni čas" MTTT RS - four papers (2012, 2015, 2016); Sabor učitelja, SURS - four papers (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016); "ICTeachers" BOS - two papers (2010, 2012), author and head of the international project "I'm doing science" (2019). Honors and Awards: The contest "Digitalni čas" MTTT RS - 3rd place (2011); International pedagogical Olympiad "Science is all around us," Moscow - Laureate (Physics) (2014, 2018); Competition Project "Open Discovery Space Serbia", the Council of Europe - 2. site (2015); International competition "Extracurricular activities", the Union of Bulgarian Teachers, Sofia - 1st place, special prize (2015); The Society for Academic Development, Belgrade - 1st prize, culture Knight (2015). Recognition for the improvement of educational work, Kovin (2002); Gratitude for the improvement of educational work, Society of Teachers Kovin (2007-2009, 2016); The recognition of "Best educators of Serbia", the Association for the promotion of entrepreneurship "Živojin Mišić", Belgrade (2015); Global Teacher Award prize for 2019

School: PS Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Kovin

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