Marie-Hélène Fasquel.

Marie-Hélène Fasquel

Marie-Helene has wanted to be a teacher from a young age. She teaches high school students and adults (online, through webinars, in colloquia or at conferences) and trainees. She has constantly striven to innovate in a way that identifies and develops her students’ talents. Her chief success has been in pioneering the ‘flipped classroom’ in her school, whereby students – rather than receiving information in class and then completing homework based on this – watch instructional material


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School: Lycée Raoul Dautry, Limoges, France 35 students are involved The average age of the students: 15 to 17 Year

Projects 2021

Week 1 - Lycée Dautry

CAP with my 2nde students.

Week 2 - Lycée Raoul Dautry

our CAP activities

our Google doc

Week 3 tasks

Our slides and exchanges.

link to our hyperdoc

Our Week 4 activities

Webinars (while on holidays)

This week my students and I have only been part of the webinars as we were on holidays.

Week 6 tasks (to be done during week 7 ;)

We are still on holidays and will complete the tasks next week.

Earshot work:

How can we make the oceans cleaner, less polluted?

We should use less plastic and even ban plastic and waste less. We could also use a huge magnet to pick up waste in the oceans and use products that are not harmful to man and to nature to dissolve waste in the oceans. We could make a new kind of harmless plastic which would dissolve into water. We could ban everything which pollutes the atmosphere especially some kinds of cars


Week 2 research
Week 3 research and Canva project
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