Lilly Platt

Lilly Platt (10) is international Environmental Champion and Youth Ambassador for Plastic Pollution Coalition and Founder of Lillys Plastic Pickup

Lilly is a 10 old girl that has an anti-plastic initiative called Lilly’s Plastic Pickup. Also, she is Youth Ambassador for the Plastic Pollution Coalition and Child Ambassador for HOW Global, a charity organization that brings water to forgotten children. She is also World Ambassador for children for World Cleanup Day. She is named in the top 100 influencers worldwide tackling Plastic Pollution at no. 28 on twitter.

She has been picking up plastic for three years and her efforts have attracted national and international media interest, becoming a source of inspiration for many. She has called for Lilly’s Global Clean-up Day 18/04/18 in which Cleanup teams in 27 countries to part and has notable environmentalists standing up to help her. She has been invited to meet Dr Jane Goodall on several occasions. In addition, she has developed her own Lilly’s Plastic Pickup bamboo set to encourage people to refuse single-use plastic. Lilly has been. invited to attend the Plastic Whale conference in Norway to talk with politicians about Plastic Pollution. Here she took part in a massive shoreline and
cleanup and befriended Afroz Shah.

Lilly is also on the Youth jury of Segunda Llamada helping to judge this years Climate Change poster competition from artists all over the world.

Lilly often Skypes with classes in Canada, India and UK and the USA to talk and inspire them yo do pickups and reduced single use plastic and also about plastic pollution.

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