Kashfa Neyaz

Co-teacher: Nagashruti Shankar
Hello Everyone!  I am Kashfa Neyaz, a Science teacher from Delhi Public School, Bangalore North, India. Ours is a group of varied students age group ranging 12 to 16 years. We will be working to create awareness about SDGs, most specifically Climate Action and researching and finding the global and local major issues and try finding solutions for the same.


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School: DPS, Bangalore North 37 students are involved The average age of the students: 12 -16 years Year

Projects 2021

Climate Action Project by Delhi Public School Bangalore North

The first week started as talking about climate and climate change and Sdg 13.

Delhi Public School Bangalore North WEEK 2 Climate Action Project

The Week 2 of Climate Action Project was all about the devastating effects of Climate Change. The students drew posters, came out with research on the way climate change has been very prevalent over the past few years in Bangalore and how it was creating Water shortages, somewhere it was all about Floods and then in other parts it is a depleting water level.

Check it out Here! Our student Pragati gives a wonderful explanation with the help of models.


Our students came up with general and specific solutions for climate change. Basically we all over India and here at Bangalore we are facing huge scarcity of water. So our students came up with rain water harvesting models, models of hydrogenerator and home made water filters, this would help conserve and store water for future use.


Images by Kashfa Neyaz 2021-10-11Neyaz
Images by Kashfa Neyaz 2021-11-19Neyaz
Images by Kashfa Neyaz 2021-11-19Neyaz