Jovanka Angjelkoska

Co-teacher: Tatjana Loshkoska, Silvana Krsteska
I have been a teacher of civic education for the past 10 years. I encourage my students to develop and create a conscious and critical view of what is happening around them. Collaborate, research, act, and change things. Let's fight for a better future. I participated in projects important to society (eco-projects, civic responsibility, student cooperation - respect for differences, conflict resolution)

School: Primary School "Kocho Racin" - Ohrid 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-14 Year

Projects 2020

Week 1 Kocho Racin

In our country, classes started on October 5, 2020, so we are late with the first week. The meeting with the students was scheduled Online. The goals and activities of the project were presented at the meeting. The students shared their ideas about the causes and consequences of climate change. Students were given the task of comparing climate and climate change. Their ideas were expressed by drawings and text.

Week 2 - Kocho Racin


For the second week of the project we talked to the students about the consequences of climate change, it was presented in a mentimeter. Through text and drawings they presented their ideas about the consequences of climate change.

week 3- Kocho Racin

For the third week of the project, writing activities and planting a plant are given as activities for the students. They also suggested some ideas for What are the causes and effects globally?

week 4 - Kocho Racin

For the 4th week of the project, the students had the task to present the reasons and offer solutions against pollution. They worked on presentations, drawings, wrote their views.

Week 5 - Kocho Racin

For 5 weeks of the project, we had an arranged meeting with students from Brazil. At the online meeting, our students presented the beauties of our city, and some of the environmental problems that occur. Eventually, they were divided into different rooms and briefly exchanged views on climate change in their city.

Week 6 - Kocho Racin

The students for the 6th week had the task to write a letter to the mayor in which they will propose a solution for the climate change and the ecological problems that our work is facing.


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