Ionelia Fricosu

Ionelia Fricosu

Profesor învățământ primar la Școala Gimnazială Nr. 2, 2 Mai.


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Clasa Buburuzelor
School: Școala Gimnazială Nr. 2, 2 Mai, Constanța 23 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-11 Year

Projects 2021

What is climate change and how does it affect us?

Students express their opinion about climate change and look for their own solutions.

They think that irresponsible human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests and pollution, generate huge amounts of greenhouse gases, in addition to those already naturally present in the atmosphere, thus contributing to the greenhouse effect and global warming. 

Causes of increased emissions • Burning of coal, oil and natural gas • Cutting down trees (deforestation). Trees help regulate climatic conditions by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere • Nitrogen-containing fertilizers and pollutes • Intensifying animal growth Cattle and sheep produce large amounts of methane during digestion.

What are the effects of climate change?

Students present a list of effects of climate change. Then, I make a group presentation for them.

Do environmental issues contribute to global warming?

Do environmental issues contribute to global warming? Through the method "I know, I want to know and I found out" students are sensitized and discover causes and effects.

We can be part of the solution!

Searching for solutions through the project method and cleaning the beach in the 2 May locality.


Debate between students to find solutions against global warming in Romania and in the world.

We are the solution, not the problem.

We clean the beach and save the dolphins., We plant wheat for life.