Hanita Torati


My goal as a teacher that choose to educate the future generation to give them the tools to deal with the chalenging growth changing world. To be able to manage and research the worldwide information, In our school the method is problem based learning. Knowing how to ask questions and develope the creative mindsets In additional how to search the specific knowledge by themselves adaptively. As we all live in a "global village" This kind of project will give them expanding education along with exposure to the issues that their peer groups study in other countries. In conclusion I believe that Sharing is caring

Experience and education:


Conversion of academics for Teaching Certificate in math. 

Graduate MBA in Business Administration.

 B.A in Behavioral Sciences 


math coordinator and 4 years as an educator in elementry school. 

15 years of expireience in diverse sectors as a HR Manager Human Resources officer



School: Haim hefer from Petach tiqva