Shi Min Tan


My name is Tan Shi Min. I live to inspire and be inspired. I advocate quality education for all. This can be shown through my current career as an English language teacher, as well as my volunteering experiences since my undergraduate years. I have been teaching English in a high-needs school in a rural area for 5 years. My clients are underprivileged secondary school students who have very low proficiency of English language. Their parents are mostly farmers and rubber tappers, and they lack exposure to the English language in their daily lives. Knowing that music and songs can engage my students in English language learning, I have been using music a lot in my lessons. In addition to teaching, my job also requires me to collaborate with teachers around Malaysia to design materials, scheme of work and examination papers. My latest project during this CMO (Control Movement Order) period is I work with 10 other teachers around Malaysia to build an English language e-learning portal for secondary school students. We call it “English in Style”. We just launched the portal earlier this week. This portal allows students from all over Malaysia to learn English online at home when they can’t go to school.

School: Syed Ibrahim Secondary School, Kedah, Malaysia

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