Douglas Querl


Douglas J. Querl

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
M.A. Teaching

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
B.A. Art History, Minor in Japanese
Tacoma Community College, Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.
A.A., Cert. American Ethnic & Gender Studies

Reitaku University, Kashiwa, Japan
Cert. Japanese Language and Culture
TESOL + TESOL Trainer Cert.
North Carolina Teacher Cert.
Teacher Leadership Institute
Springboard International Bilingual School, Beijing, China
Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher
•Assisted in collaboration of unpacking Common Core Standards for building and defining the curriculum for lesson plans
•Administered effective classroom management but still allowing open dialog and learning
•Implemented various 21st Century teaching models and techniques while using technology resources for both teachers and students

Soong Ching Ling Primary School, Shanghai, China
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher, Grade Level Coordinator, Humanities Coordinator
•Prepared and taught lesson plans for various subjects that were student centered
•Differentiated class instruction for varied types and levels of learners, i.e. providing effective scaffolding for ELLs, higher students, etc.
•Successfully maintained and developed curriculum and school’s educational goals while providing a fun, energetic, professional spirit
•Effectively maintained the classroom while addressing behavior issues in a positive manner

Wenqi Middle School, Shanghai, China
•Creatively taught English, Social Studies, and History using varied teaching methods and practices dependent on the students and classroom
•Developed lesson plans using varied approaches where students were able to apply prior knowledge while integrating new material (zone of proximal development)
•Taught using the communicative approach

Suzhou Singapore International School, Suzhou, China
Student Teacher, Fourth Grade
• Observed and taught with Master Teacher while applying practice to the teaching theories and pedagogy in a live classroom experience
•Was fully emerged in the IB curriculum, practice, and methodology
•Provided students with powerful lessons that utilized prior knowledge, research, collaboration, and utilizing varied media outlets such as online resources, movies, print, etc.

Longwin Modern English, Suzhou, China
English Instructor
•Designed and developed curriculum for ELL’s based on a variety of resources
•Successfully implemented cross-cultural exposure and dialog by using community events, interactive lessons, and social interaction
•Introduced a student centered learning environment for a broad range of English levels
•Worked closely with other instructors to integrate pedagogy for better student outcome.
•Actively listened, interpreted, and acted on the needs of the school, parents, and students

Azumano International, Seattle, Washington
ESL/Cultural Studies Teacher for Middle/High School
•Developed curriculum and lessons in English about the U.S./WA State and out culture
•Taught students using an interactive, communicative approach with an international atmosphere for full participation
•Promoted and fostered personal growth, dialog, and multicultural understanding and growth for the exchange students

Tacoma Community College Writing and Tutoring Center, Tacoma, Washington
•Provided an environment of collegiate learning and academic pursuits
•Provided equitable support for all students by facilitating their differentiated needs of support
•Tutored English, Japanese, French, Math
•Demonstrated leadership in learning as well as life-skills

• Japanese & French spoken
• Artist (Pottery: 3+ years)
• Chef
• Great Listener

School: SIBS

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