Douha Jemai



We at Mustapha kraif prep school believe that our schools is :

 - A place of excellence where children can learn many subjects and skills .

- A place where we work collaboratively.

Yet, we have an eagerness that all the teachers will have all the sources to tie the 21st century techniques skills.

  • Learners will have extra- curricular activities to show their talent and skills.
  • As teachers and learners will enjoy teaching SDGs and learning and integrate it in the curricular in an easy way.

We at Mustapha kraif prep school create a healthy atmosphere where we intend our children to learn to live a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of their lives .Thus we train them to actualize their potentials so that they grow up to the active global citizens of the future .

Lastly we believe, increasing a school where:

A love of learning grows

School: Mustapha kraif middle school Jendouba Tunisia

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Mrs Awatef Askri