Danijela Zugic



My name is Danijela and l come from Serbia. I love being an educator and am looking forward to professionally grow in this challenging and important project. I have academic degree of University of Belgrade, Teacher Education Faculty. I work as a preschool and kindergarten teacher in Preschool Institution "Bosko Buha" in Indjija, a town in province of Vojvodina. Our preschool institution has 40 year history, around 1600 children devided in 58 age groups (from 6 months to 6 years old), and around 130 educators.

 We are opened and tolerant institution dedicated to interests of children and families. With permanent development of professional training, we nurture quality, new professional skills and lifelong learning. Our principal and her associates promote implementation of innovation in all focus areas of our professional competency. Therefore our management decided to form a team for interntional projects and named me for its first coordinator.

 This is our first international project and we are all excited to participate. There are two of my colleagues and team members participating now in 3. Climate Action Project.

School: Preschool institution "Bosko Buha"


PU Bosko Buha taking action