Biljana Vasikj


My name is Biljana Vasic and I'm a grade teacher at the elementary school "11 Oktomvri" in Skopje, working with children from first to fifth grade. I was born in 1973. In Skopje, where I finished elementary education, gymnasium and faculty for teachers and got the title of professor in grade school.
As a teacher, I have worked for 15 years, two of them in a special school for children with special needs as an educator and 13 years. in classroom teaching. During my work, I felt the need for professional development.
I took advantage of everything our country has to offer in this field, but it did not meet my needs. So I took every opportunity to get the education I needed through projects offered by NGOs. The first serious impulse in my growth as a professional was taking part in the CCPM Project "Reading and Writing to Critical Thinking". This project has radically changed my approach to work so that my classroom has become an environment where children learn through work, think critically, work individually, in pairs and in groups, debate arguments and come to their own conclusions.
In doing so, they are aware of their learning, control the learning process itself and correct it to improve it.
I actively participated in all education modernization projects and received several certificates for them. I work actively with experts from the Bureau of Educational Development, I implement tutorials organized with cutting-edge teaching technology. As a result of continuous refining, my classroom has become an open workspace, often visited by guests to see my original way of working, the result of which is the maximum achievement of each student.

School: OOU "11 Oktomvri" - Centar, Skopje

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