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Mrs. Herrera at Claypool
School: Claypool Elementary School 37 students are involved The average age of the students: 5-12 Year

Projects 2020

Causes of Climate Change

We first talked about what we thought was climate and weather. After watching a video, students wrote on sticky notes the definitions of climate and weather. Then we created a list of factors we thought were causing climate change. We watched another video and added causes to our list. We looked at different websites and decided which were "trusted websites" that we could use in the future. Finally, we talked abut how we are contributing to climate change. We decided that, locally, agriculture was a a mejor source of climate change. 

Climate Change Effects - Week 2

We used three reliable websites to do our research. We read an article and watch two videos about climate change effects. The students used a graphic organizer to take notes and add effects that were affecting the flora, fauna, weather patterns, and human activity and lifestyle in the world. Then, we decided that our local effect (floods) were due to increase in precipitation. As a class, we came up with the interview questions. I created a video using Spark Adobe. 

Climate Change Long Term Effects

My students took notes of the long-term effects using a graphic organizer while watching NASA: Why Global Temperatures Matter. We used Flipgrid to share this information with our classroom collaborators: Colegio Positivo Santa maria in Parna, Brazil and Moslem Primary School 1 in Ogun State, Nigeria. Using Google Earth, we connected the three schools.  


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Images by Brenda Herrera 2020-10-08Herrera
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