Benson Tilya

Dar es salaam

Benson Tilya has a combined commitment, a dedication both to Nature and to Natural Resources. Since he was a child Benson was fascinated by plants and the botanical world, dedicating much of his time to conservation activities. He is a volunteer at JaneGoodall’s Roots &Shoots in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, as a botany expert and educational facilitator. He finds both enjoyment and fulfillment assisting the staff and encouraging, supporting and monitoring the organizations activities.
Benson completed his bachelor degree in botanical sciences at the University of Dar es salaam in 2018. In 2017 he worked as a laboratory Assistance at Tanzania National herbarium; a museum of dried plant specimens where he had gained experience on the identification of plant specimens found across diverse areas of Tanzania.
His desire to research and record plant-life led him to botanize the coastal areas of Tanzania in hopes of restoring essential mangrove woodlands and he is currently working on restoring Pugu Forest through dedicated reforestation efforts. If no such actions are taken, unchecked human activities and the threat from ongoing construction of standard gauge railway line may, in a few short years, bring about the disappearance of this natural resource. As a direct product of his commitment, the Tanzanian Forest Agency that has offered 50 hectares of land to the Roots and Shoots organization for the reforestation efforts. Since the last rainy season 50,000 trees have been planted across ten hectares, so far.
His goal is to impart skills, knowledge and experiences, and to inspire others to engage conservation and to reconnect humans with the natural environment. Benson commits to sustainable development through participatory approaches, appraisals, trainings, research and planning in ways compatible to forest and biodiversity conservation. He believes that such sustainability can be met by fostering a generation of people who take pride in their own natural and cultural resources.

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