Anna Zubkovskaya

Yaroslavskaya oblast

I’m Anna Zubkovskaya, a teacher from Russia. I teach English at Yaroslavl Town Planning College. I like my job and I have been teaching for 20 years. It’s rather difficult to teach English because the age of my students is between 15 and 20. But I understand quite well that my students always like something incredible or related to senses like vision, hearing, feelings, etc. That is why I’m as a teacher needs to be more creative in designing lessons for them. Not long ago I opened the advantage of using Skype in the classroom and I found for myself rather important to be involved into the Sustainable Development Goals. Since teaching the SDGs my professional skills have been increasingly enhanced. I try to show my students that together we are the power and we can decide all problems and make our world a better place. At my college we try to be the leaders but practical ones. My students were passive contemplators and they thought that nothing depends on them. Now they understand that they must be very active to create a serious system of ecological security and it's our planet and we have to care about it and people on it as about our families and homes.

School: Yaroslavl Town Planning College

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