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School: THE OXFORD SCHOOL 25 students are involved

Projects 2020


Students were made to identify the exact definition of climate change and the factors contributing to the climate change. Students were encouraged to identify the causes of climate change locally, distinguishing the differences between weather and climate , analysis of the carbon cycle  and a  demonstration on the influence of temperature on climate change. Classes were conducted on global warming, study of  graded climate change,  the carbon cycle and  photosynthesis through which students identified the causes of climate change .

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Students were able to identify the causes of climatic change and the factors which contribute to the change of Ecosytem as well as the change in the climate.Students explained the causes for the destruction of Flaura and Fauna due to climatic change and also explained the causes for the imbalance of nature and how it accelerates the process of natural calamities like flood, flashflood, landslide and Earthquake.Due to human activities weather pattern changes which paved the way for occurence of droughts. Burning of plastics causes increase in carbon dioxide and the rise of green house gases also paved the way for the change in climate.

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The Oxford School

Climate Action Plan 

Activity Report-Team 3 

The Climate Action Project was launched in 2017 aiming to connect students globally and allow them to discuss, create, and share findings and solutions online. As participants in the project, teachers and students can exchange experiences and local insights, making learning global and authentic. Our main goal is to nurture global citizens who have a deep and nuanced understanding of the world in which they live, and who are willing to take action for a better world. 

Climate action: Local to global was the topic for the Week 3. 

Selected Students and teachers from The Oxford school,Trivandrum had a collaboration session with the teachers and students of DPS International, Gurgaon on 16-10-2020 from 1 pm to 2 pm on Zoom. Siddeeque Jubair of grade 9 prepared a video on the topic Australian forest fire and its impacts and presented it during the session and Krithik Gopinath of grade 3 presented his PPT on the topic Biodiversity in Mangrove land forms. Both the presentations gained appreciations from every participants in the session.


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Images by ANILA.D NAIR 2020-10-11NAIR