Andrews nchessie

i am an ardent advocate of action towards planting trees. i have experienced and am experiencing the effects  of climate change. my students and i are determined.

I am Andrews Nchessie, lead person of the climate action and sixty million tree planting activity in Malawi - phalombe where i lead the activity with pre and in-service teachers, pupils and community members. I hold a bachelor of education degree (primary) and the Rhodes University Certificate in Environmental Education. I am a recipient of the following awards , The 1997 Agatha Uwilingiyamana Award an award organize men and women promoting girl’s education in sustainable use energy, 1999/2000 Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators Award (CATSME) 2000, 2005 School Sanitation water project, Norway 2005 Award and the 2015, Global Teachers Prize Top 50 Finalist. I have 25 years experience in teaching environmental issues, risks and responses. I have authored and co-authored over 19 publications. Andrews is serving in the following boards, Varkey Teacher Ambassadors advisory board representing teachers from Sub-Saharan Africa. am a member of The Climate Change Education Alliance launched at the Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai. The purpose of the Alliance is to define the role of the education system in helping the world achieve inclusive development while combating climate change and other natural resource challenges.


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