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School: PU Boško buha 21 students are involved The average age of the students: 3-5years Year

Projects 2021

How to help our planet

Trough the short youtube videos,and explaining, the kids had the chance to get new informations about climate,climate changes,what is the difference between each other and what are the main problems that are causing thoose problems..We  draw the causes,made a list of them and trying to solve some causes locally.. 

Effects of climate change

We watched videos of different countries,and some videos on youtube about climate change and then we talked about the effects that it have on plants,animals,people and weather conditions,kids love to use water colours so we did it for this too..


How to help our planet

Trough conversations and watching videos on youtube we went for a walk trough our village,we found a lot of garbage,poluted we decided that in matter of changing the people on the planet we have to change ourselves..So we started to recycle,we made containers for separating garbage,planted a garden with herbs and vegetables..

Help how we can..

This week we went for walks trough the village in a look for helping hand..We talked to people about polution,deforestation..So we came to an idea to start with our own yard and then the rest..We planted some vegetables,flowers,herbs..

How to save our planet

During this week he have made feeders for the birds during winter,containers for recycling,the kids came up with the idea of a car that would go on paper,plastic,and would not pollute the enviroment.They made a plain,that would clean the air from polution and a house for all the species that need help.We have also made a mascot of our Save the planet project-robot ``Čistko``(Planet cleaner)

Beautiful planet

Kids during the weekend have take videos of nature,animals..So we have combined them into one..and made a film how should our enviroment look..


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