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School: Centrul de Excelență în Energetică și Electronică 10 students are involved The average age of the students: 15-18 Year

Projects 2020

Week 1: Causes of Climate Change

This week the students understand the difference between weather and climate and they find the definition of climate change. The students understand what human activities are most responsible for climate change and that they will need to learn what causes climate change, how those causes are measured, and whether humans are
contributing to those causes.
Students created a video and added causes to the list of causes.

Week 2: Effects of Climate Change.

In the second week, the students review our definition of climate change and our list of causes of climate change. The students watched videos submitted by other classrooms and students to help develop understanding of climate change across the world. We explore the effects of climate change on our planet at local levels, Republic of Moldova, Chișinău. The students begin to understand effects of climate change at local levels on plants, animals, weather patterns, and human activity. They played a game in learningapps to distinguish the causes and effects of climate change. 

To save the planet, we joined the #plantED action (global tree planting) and decided to plant seven trees today on the territory of the educational institution!

Week 3: Causes and Effects Globally

In this week we a organize the first virtual conect with wonderful students from Romania and Portugal and shared our oppinions about Environmental Issues! 


Images by Aliona Șveț 2020-10-10Șveț
Images by Aliona Șveț 2020-10-10Șveț
Images by Aliona Șveț 2020-10-17Șveț