Alessandra Pallavicini


I teach English in an Italian Secondary School and love to engage my students in international projects in order to help them to meet peers from all over the world, improve their English and open up their minds. I used to work on the eTwinning platform and in 2013 a project of mine won the European Prize. Two other projects had been runner-ups a couple of years before. Currently I am an Edmodo Ambassador and Sutori Storyteller and think that technology, if used properly, can help us teachers to develop a new form of learning. I was a presenter at EdmodoCon in 2017 at Edmodo HQ in San Matteo, CA and at London BETT 2019.


School: ISIS Galilei

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Ms. Alessandra Scattarregia


ISIS G. Galilei Gorizia Italy
Students working on the project in Gorizia Italy
Working in the lab
Skype Session
Climate strike in Gorizia , Italy
Students doing research work in Gorizia, Italy
Climate strike in Gorizia , Italy
Ready to make the video about Week 2
Skype with Kate Murray and her students