Mohamed Akhssass

souss massa Daraa

• I am an EFL teacher and a member of ICT special interest group in the delegation of Agadir
•The delegation of Agadir appointed me as a coach (senior teacher) from 2010 to 2012
•At the moment I work as a mentor and host teacher trainees from CRMEF- Inzegane.
• I worked as a volunteer teacher in the Access program sponsored by the American embassy in Morocco.
In addition to this, I consider language as a weapon to fight stereotypes, xenophobia, racism and terrorism.
• A member of The Moroccan Resource Centers of English Network
• Coordinator of The MorceNEtEnglish Access Microscholarship Program
• Coordinator of Derfoufi High school English Club
• An international coordinator of the connecting classrooms project 2019-2020 funded by the British council.

School: Derfoufi High School

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