Ebengo Honore

Students learning digital literacy

Ebengo Honore is a Refugee Educator,
Founder and CEO of African Initiative for Human Development( in Kakuma Refugee camp),
He has a Bachelor Degree in International Relations( University of Lubumbashi),
Certificate of Business and Impact Planning for Social Enterprise( MIT),
Certificate of Applied Human Rights( Inzone/University of Geneva),
Professional Experience:
He is working as senior interpreter at Norwegian Refugee council( 2017 to...),
With Norwegian Refugee council as Hygiene Promoter ( 2015 to 2016)
With Refugee Consortium of Kenya as Protection Monitor (2016 to 2017)
Co-founder and Financial Director of solidarity initiative for Refugees (2017 to 2018),
With Kakuma French Speakers Association as General Secretary(2013 to 2019),
With Kakuma Ventures as Communication Director( 2018 to 2019)...


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