Aida Petrovska

Co-teacher: Marija Naskova
We will plant trees and take care of the carbon footprint There are many ways you can shrink the size of your carbon footprint: bike to work, eat less meat, turn down your thermostat. All of which are great. But there is one way to reduce your emissions that also makes your property and community more beautiful, improves water quality, and provides numerous economic and social benefits... planting trees. So, by planting trees, you can help clean the air and fight climate change!


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School: Dimitar Miladinov 24 students are involved The average age of the students: 13 - 15 Year

Projects 2021

Еco posters

Да ја чуваме и негуваме планетата Земја.

Tree planting

Колку повеќе дрвја - толку почист воздух.

Интернационален Ден на мирот 2021


PROJECT ACTIVITIES - SS "Sveti Trifun", Aleksandrovac, Serbia and OOU "Dimitar Miladinov", Skopje, Macedonia


We had a beautiful meeting where the students met and exchanged conclusions about climate change.

SS "Sveti Trifun"Aleksandrovac, Serbia  and OOU "Dimitar Miladinov" Skopje, Macedonia

From children to children

Climate change lectures.


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