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School: Heritage International School 12 students are involved

Projects 2021

Causes of Climate Action

Students deduced the causes of climate change.
They made a poster.
We had a video meeting with a meteorologist, who explained through images and interactive activities the difference between weather and climate. He brought information about these notions about the local level.

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Effects of Climate Change

The students researched from the proposed materials, the effects of climate change. They made a poster, which is in the hallway of the primary classes. The students watched movies, from which they deduced the effects locally. It is important that they talked to their parents about the effects of climate change at the local level. The effects that were said by the students were: Melting glaciers, difficult survival of plants, their disappearance, difficult survival of animals, production of tornadoes, floods, destructive storms, increasing the number of sick people.

Climate Action weeek 3

This week the students were careful about the proposed notions. I documented myself. They all worked in small groups. Then the information was disseminated in the classroom. It is not good that the parents of the students in the class support us. Dominic Paladi's mother is an ambassador of the Moldova association without waste. She told us about recycling, the impact of recycling, composting.




Collaboration towards the common future of the Earth

The students are curious, well informed. My students are in the third grade. Some of them speak English fluently. Others are just learning it, gradually overcoming the barrier of expressing themselves in public. Many of the videos selected from teachers in other countries will still be viewed when we return to school. We had an online meeting with a class of Levites from Timisoara, Romania. Their teacher, Ermina Oprican, is an extraordinary project colleague. The students were delighted, we managed to challenge them to some common activities. We have some fantastic photos!An online meeting with the students from Timișoara, Romania, who participated in the Climate Action project had the students from third grade A. Through a game, the students from both schools brought arguments in favor of the need to protect nature. The students watched the products made by the students from Moldova and Romania. Education has no borders, education unites us. Together we can do things that would change the world for the better.

week 5

Time passes too fast!

I did not manage to carry out all the planned activities, because the students from Moldova have an extended autumn vacation, due to COVID. I know that some students have planted trees with their families. Others planted garden flowers. With small steps, but we act! We are proud to be part of this project. Even if the project ends, but we will continue our actions for our common future. We thank the organizers for the opportunity to develop, to know, to participate. We followed in the footsteps of a painter from Moldova, Irina Clescenco, who makes paper from trolleybus and bus tickets. From this paper she makes envelopes, postcards, which are sold at the Cărturești bookstore, and to order. It's unique!

week 6

Third graders wrote a letter to the world's children. The statements were written in Romanian and English.