MYP Physics Facilitator

Aastha Marwah

I am a physics educator at DPS International Edge


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School: DPS International Edge 12 students are involved

Projects 2020

CAP Week 1

Students brainstrom ideas about climate and weather and their causes and henceforth explore their personal connection to climate change. Following are the set goals for the students for the week.

Goal 1: Establish a shared definition of climate change by: - Differentiating weather vs. climate - Starting to create a list of trusted climate change experts - Examining accepted definitions offered by trusted experts


Goal 2: Better understand the causes of climate change.

Goal 3: What is your personal connection to climate change

CAP Week 2

In week 2 students age group 11 - 12 worked on three goals in a group. The goals are mentioned below:

Goal 1: Connect prior learning to new ideas. Reflect on causes of climate change.

Goal 2: Explore the effects of climate change on our planet at local level

Goal 3: Access new perspectives to determine course of action.