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The Climate Action Project was supported by world-renowned scientists, public figures, governments and organizations.

Dr. Jane Goodall

World-renowned primatologist

Kumi Naidoo

Secretary General Amnesty International

Ziauddin Yousafzai

Co-founder Malala Foundation and father Malala

HRM Princess Esmeralda from Belgium

Matt Larsen-Daw

Education Manager for #OurPlanet at WWF-UK

Dr. Jordan Naidoo


David Jensen

UN Environment Programme

Andreas Schleicher

Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills

Christiane Dorion


Francesco La Camera

Former Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea

Alexander De Croo

Deputy Prime Minister Belgium

Jennifer Morgan

Executive Director Greenpeace International

Dr. Jennifer Languell

Discovery Channel Star "Project Earth"

HRH Crown Prince Alexander

Executive Director Greenpeace International

Bunny Mcdiarmid

Executive Director Greenpeace International

Jess Cramp

National Geographic Explorer

Anthony Salcito

VP Microsoft Education Corp

CĂ©line Cousteau

Filmmaker and Explorer