How to participate when your school is
in lockdown or when time is limited

Teaching has been quite a challenge
due to Covid-19 during the past months

For that reason we decided to make the Climate Action Project "corona-proof". It is crucial to know that you, the teacher decides how much time will be spent on the project. Even by spending 1 hour on weekly base on the project and by skipping and combining weeks you can still be part of a moment and connect with other teachers globally.

The project is modular: you are free to either skip weeks or combine weeks. Option: you only join for 2 weeks.

Teachers decide how much time they want and can spend on the project. Even by spending 1h on weekly base on the project, you are still part of the moment.

Signing up allows you to connect and interact with other teachers globally and allows your students to be part of engaging activities like sending messages to Mars.

Our free curriculum points out how to teach remotely with technolgy

The project involves small activities which can be taken by learners at home. No expensive materials or resources required.