Rola Tibshirani

My name is Rola Tibshirani and I am a French Immersion Intermediate teacher at the Ottawa Catholic School Board. I am passionate about students’ taking ownership of their learning by creating and applying Integrative Thinking and Designing Thinking processes to embrace challenges. I connect my students with projects from around the world and foster students collaborative inquiry through Global Partnership.


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School: St. Francis Xavier 54 students are involved The average age of the students: 13-14 السنة

Projects 2020

Causal Model

On Jamboard the students connected what they already know what they would like to learn by applying the strategy Chal and Talk.  The students began to unpack causes and factors. 


The students connected the causes and factors to consequences. They began investigating the city of Ottawa climate action plan. We will be starting to learn how we can impact the community. 


Images by Rola Tibshirani 2020-10-16Tibshirani
Images by Rola Tibshirani 2020-10-25Tibshirani