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Josefina Vendrell Vila

English primary teacher at Sant Josep school , Navàs. Catalonia for about 30 years. eTwinning ambassador since 2012. Love learning and teaching, new challenges and helping kids to grow well integrated and prepared for the XXI society. Involved into SDGs becasue as a teacher we can help a lot to spread the message of sustainability, human rights, no poverty and quality education among others.


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School: Col·legi Sant Josep 200 students are involved The average age of the students: 10 السنة

Projects 2020

What is causing the climate change?

Students of grade 4 in Sant Josep school.

What is the Climate Change for us?

What are the causes? Just watch the video!

Climate Change effects

Do you know the effects of the global warming?

Do you know why the ice in the poles is melting?

do you know why many animals and plants are in danger of exctinction?

Just watch the video made by students of Grade 4 primary in Sant Josep school, Navàs and you will discover it!

Enjoy it!

India, France and Catalonia, Spain talking about the Climate Change

Students of Grade 4 from the three countries met to share their learnings and their proposals to stop the climate change.

Video presentations, posters, mind maps, and even a scronabots boardgame were used to talk about what the climate Change is, what are the causes in our countries, the effects and what can we do to STOP Climate change!!!

Great experience with fruitful learnings! THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS, WE ARE THE FUTURE!!!


SOS Planet Earth! People need change, not our planet!

The future is in our students' hands! they are showing the adults how to change their behaviour in order to stop Climate change !

Simple but very important actions can change the way!



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